Funding and Restructure solutions to businesses

As businesses look for opportunities to deploy their capital, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a key strategy for many. Understanding and managing the risks involved, especially when investing in unfamiliar markets or industries, can be challenging.

Our dedicated team of advisors and attorneys worldwide works across Hillrise Global Ventures globally to help provide specialized, industry-specific depth.

With more than two decades of M&A experience, we provide the insights to evaluate, facilitate, and complete transaction while managing buy- and sell-side risks. And after the deal closes, our group purchasing programs use economies of scale to maximize buying power and lower insurance costs over the life of the investment and beyond.


   Mergers and acquisitions risk and insurance due diligence.
   Lender due diligence and advisory.
   Infrastructure project risk management and due diligence.
   Transactional risk solutions tailored to address issues such as warranties           and indemnities, tax opinions, existing litigation, and environmental               issues.
   Fund-level risk solutions such as management and professional         liability.Portfolio strategies for purchasing and cost savings.